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“An ambitious new comedy...

equal parts romantic comedy and media satire."*


  My girlfriend is going to love this for 

       Valentine's Day!

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My Short Story

After forty years of service in the arts field, I'm now a dedicated full-time author with plays, short stories and now novels on my resume.


I've had an intriguing career working for theatres, art museums, and orchestras in Chicago, Boston, Cleveland and Kansas City. I encountered many  fascinating characters, and picked up a number of stories, humorous to tragic, absurd to the sublime.  


While my authorship credentials are few, my years on a word processor and on the streets have prepared me well for my second act. If it matters, I picked up a Master’s degree at  Illinois State University along with other creative spirits. 


I'm a native of Minnesota, love the outdoors, still root for the Vikings, and the Chiefs too, after living in Kansas City some fifteen years. 


Funny for fans of radio and the convoluted world of the arts.
It was genius! A romantic comedy with he(art).

From review Eileen Gill, Bloomington, IL

*Quote from review of Sparts Radio on which For Love of Art and Ericka is based. 

Alan Scherstuhl, The Pitch, Kansas City


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