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Five years after a passionate affair in Boston, ex-lovers get entangled again under very different circumstances and with higher stakes. In accordance with his father's legal will, Ted Greenstone, Jr. must turn around a failing Cleveland sports talk radio station in one year. Upon arrival, he cannot resist reconnecting with Ericka Hanson who now lives in the "north coast" city. 

​He's handsome, afraid of commitment and underachieving. She's an alluring, ambitious Midwesterner, equal parts arts and sports zealot. A mutual love for the arts initially drew them together, binds them for better or worse, after she convinces him to convert WTGS into a unique format—Arts Talk with attitude!

​She accepts the job as program director on the condition of a strict "no office romance" rule. At the start, her aggressive, controversial style gives Ted fits. Eventually, the sparring intensifies, releasing their suppressed lust for each other. They make an exception to the rule, more than once. Gradually, the WTGS's ratings improve, and success appears plausible when a surprise attack on the station puts everything in jeopardy. 

​In the backdrop, federal deregulation and the Internet are drastically changing the broadcasting industry. A colorful cadre of characters muddle along, often hilariously coping with the ownership change, but none more than the outrageous sports talk star, Guy Tripillo, who weaves in and out of this topsy-turvy gambit to its newsflash finale.

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The Phantom'Bugatti

Jack and Sally Clark are an attractive, hardworking couple in their early thirties, trying to ride out their troubled marriage. Then Jack inherits a forgotten parcel of land with a tiny farmhouse, a barn,

and a mystery.


They venture to northeastern Indiana to assess its value, when Jack uncovers a rare Bugatti Type 50 roadster dismantled under the barn. What appears to be a potential windfall for them, becomes something else altogether.


Sally sees the property and car as the answer to her dream house in an affluent Cleveland suburb. Jack, a self-employed graphic artist, becomes captivated by the Bugatti mystique, and obsessed with the vintage auto’s puzzling past.


Over the course of months restoring it, he builds new friendships in a nearby hamlet, including an enchanting kindred spirit named Rosie.

The Phantom Bugatti is a journey of personal growth and discovery with morsels of mystery, romance and humor.